Art Update


Hey everyone, I thought I would kick off 2016 with an update. I iterated further on previous character designs for the project I am calling "Black Mountain" read on for more...


So here you go, you can see the two females stayed pretty close to original designs. Swordsman has changed a ton, especially since the very beginning, and the two creatures just became refined a bit.

This is still rough and messy, but as I am starting to come up with the story I want a better look at the characters. Refining the character art like this also helps be kind of gauge how long this work will actually take when a bunch of different animation frames are needed.

One thing I am sure I have talked about before... Silhouettes!


I once managed a seriously brilliant comic artist, I considered him a better artist than myself and I usually had him work on the most visible/high profile assets the project needed. He said something to me on passing that always stuck with me.

"A silhouette is the most abstract you ever show your character." This means that if it reads well as a silouette. It will read well as a fully developed concept. If the shape is interesting, and you can distinguish between your characters that is a very good sign.

Ok that is it for now! Happy 2016!

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