Batman Arkham Knight: Dissection


Arkham Knight was a very highly anticipated game. The story is overall pretty good and it plays as great as Arkham City. There are a few huge flaws I want to talk about that keep this game from reaching its potential.

Rocksteady was throwing out a lot of hype around the batmobile, and you can really see why. It feels pretty great, it looks amazing, and the gameplay it is involved in is honestly pretty fun.  It is clear they put a ton of work into it, but I think this time would have been much better spent elsewhere. Now I know I am not going to be the first to say that this game has too much Batmobile. But it is waaaay too much. It felt like almost 1/2 the game was batmobile segments.

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150809123130
The Batmobile


I can see why they made this choice, Batman is a gadget based super hero right? This really is the ultimate gadget and it is a nice way to change up the gameplay, it just ends up effecting way too many things.

First off, this is a super deadly machine and it feels like it. Its got a machine gun, and a large cannon. However batman doesn't kill right? Why would he have these things?

To address the conflict here, batman ends up fighting drones and robots for half the game. In the Batman universe where you could be fighting so many groups of colorful and interesting criminals.. drones and robots just feels pretty lame.

So lets take stock of where we are at. We have half of a game that is like the previous batman games with updated graphics and a few nice tweaks, Bone crunching combat, zipping around, flying above the skies, investigating, sneaking around in the shadows, familiar but still fun Batman stuff.

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150809115148
Flying around is still awesome


The other half is fighting endless robots in a beast of a machine. These two things are almost two separate games, only really tied by their setting.

The titular Arkham Knight is the one responsible for throwing wave after wave of mindless drones and human mercenaries at batman, but as a villain he falls pretty flat. He is not the main villain but he gets much more screen time than the infinitely more interesting scarecrow. There is something that feels absent and it is all the diabolical scheming that came from the villains in previous games.

As I have said about the previous games, Batman is kind of a blank character and it is really the villains that provide everything interesting, but it feels to boring and predictable here.

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150809114917
What is going on here!?


That said, this game has some really interesting story stuff and some great writing to be found. The story in the last third of the game really took a turn and impressed me.

After the conclusion, the game allows you to play a bit more to allow you to go for 100% completion. If you do that, you will get about 3 minutes of additional ending. One thing I am going to say about this is.. almost nobody is going to do this, it feels super tedious because of the Riddler and so for at-least 90% of your players you are going to have a less impact-full, less punchy ending.

All that said, this is still a good game. It is not as epic as it could have been, and it is nowhere near as focused and smart Arkham Asylum, it doesn't have as much bite as Arkham City either. It is simply a good game that is worth the time of fans.

I am currently playing Mad Max and Metal Gear V, when I am done with those I will post their dissections, so look forward to that!

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