I am very pleased to let everyone know the new name of the project I mentioned two weeks ago. The game is now called Super Slam Dunk Touchdown! Last weekend we had a play test party that ruled. People really enjoyed the game, we came across a few bugs and balancing issues, but in the end people had a lot of fun. At its core this is a party game, it's at its best when people are in the same room shouting and laughing. Read on to find some video and a playable demo!

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Good news everyone! Over the past few months I have been working on a new game, this is a collaborative effort between myself and Rick from Tipping Goat. Rick and I have worked together in the past at Cellufun and Tylted and we were an unstoppable team! In this project I will be handling all visual stuff and co-game designing. I am thrilled to be working with Rick again, he is honestly one of the best I've worked with, his technical skills are top notch and his ideas are excellent.

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