The Experiments

Tyrant of Terror

Tyrant of Terror is a real time strategy and collectible card game where players are thrust into the role of the Tyrant. The Tyrant is just your average vampire with a sweet castle that frequently gets attacked and raided by pesky peasants. The players will be tasked with the day to day tasks for a vampiric overlord. Tasks such as:

  • Defending your labyrinth by deploying a plethora of spells, traps, and undead henchmen.
  • Protecting an ancient artifact from the power hungry humans.
  • Building your own unique deck of destructive abilities.

Here are some more fun facts about the game.

  • Rich hand drawn 2d animation.
  • A spooky heavy metal inspired soundtrack recorded with real instruments
  • Over 60 spells, traps and minions to command!



Space Captain

Space game is about putting the player in the shoes of a star ship captain. Its kind of like x-com in deep space in a Star trek sort of universe. Visuals will have a retro jrpg flair.