New look, Good things

51You may notice we have a new look going on here. Awesome right? It's mobile friendly and I moved my portfolio here. It makes much more sense to just maintain the one site. Read on for more about what is to come.

The new look reflects a renewed ambition and a refocusing. When I started Mad Science it was to make my own games. I was working at a game company that had pretty disappointing ideas about games and it was frustrating.

Shortly after the company I was working for closed. I had to make games for other people until I got a new gig in the very hectic tv and film industry. Even after a few months of that, I was still helping people and got kind of burned out in general.

Now I want to put a more personal focus on this blog. You will see many more progress updates and more short posts about games. I have several posts about game development half way written, and I just finished The Witcher 3 which I will be posting about.

In the coming months you will also be seeing small playable games and hearing music and sound that I am working on for ToT.

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