New project, New characters


So after I finished the Witcher 3 I was inspired and really reminded of the kinds of games I want to make. What I want to do most of all with my games is to tell amazing stories. I started thinking a lot about how I can do this. I have taken the first steps on this new adventure and I want to share them with you. Read on.

It has been about 10 years since I last made an RPG or a game with a strong story focus. RPGs are massive undertakings and creating a game that has as much to it as say a Final Fantasy title is a massive amount of work. Too much for one person.

The answer for me is a game that is not as massive as a big name game with a big budget, but an rpg that doesn't feel massive kind of misses the point, right?

Here is what I am going to try, we are going to limit our characters to 3. Three playable characters in the entire game! Three characters with dialogue!

We are also going to limit our location and our scope.  The game will tell the story of a few characters going to an island to retrieve an ancient artifact. The whole game follows this one section of a journey.

By only having 3 characters to deal with I can focus heavily on their character development and have a good quality of art and animation. I plan to make the game about 5 hours long.

After about 10 revisions I have a rough version of our characters:


The battle system will have elements of classic JRPGs like Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger. I have put a lot of thought into how to take those old ATB or turn based battle systems and update them into something more modern and fresh feeling.

I will have much more for you to read about soon! I have started work on this mysterious island, and the creatures that inhabit it so that may be next.

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