I am very pleased to let everyone know the new name of the project I mentioned two weeks ago. The game is now called Super Slam Dunk Touchdown! Last weekend we had a play test party that ruled. People really enjoyed the game, we came across a few bugs and balancing issues, but in the end people had a lot of fun. At its core this is a party game, it's at its best when people are in the same room shouting and laughing. Read on to find some video and a playable demo!

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Any particular game could have so many great qualities. It can have excellent mechanics, good competitive play, or a nice art style, and so many other things. One quality that I value very highly is how a game handles exploration of its environment. To me, games have always had the potential to be the ultimate story telling medium. Having an intelligently built world for a player to explore is very beneficial to a game's story telling. To get a player immersed in your game you want to have an interesting world that offers experiences that are genuine to that world.  There are many games that do this amazingly well, but I have picked out the 7 games that I think have well realized worlds and best embody exploration, adventure, and wonder. Read on! ...continue reading 7 games of exploration and adventure!


Stop throwing those game mechanics into a blender!

As someone who helps people bring their game designs to life I run into a lot of misconceptions about game design. Today I'd like to talk to you about a misconception a lot of aspiring game designers have. That bad behavior is picking and choosing your favorite mechanics or systems from other games and putting them into yours. It kind of makes sense that good + good = great, but that is usually not the case when it comes to game design. This is the equivalent of cooking a recipe with seemingly random ingredients. Read on to learn how to focus on a game's core gameplay.

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Hey guys, things have been busier than ever over here at Mad Science, We have lots of great things that we are working on! I just finished a level design sketch that I would like to show you! Read on for an image and a few tips.

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A while back we ran a test of the alpha build. We asked 20 people unfamiliar with the game to give it a try, I personally instructed each person on how to play, and then watched and recorded as they played a 3 minute match. I want to share some of the more interesting results with you! ...continue reading Some fun test results!



ToT is constantly evolving! In October I wrote about some improvements to the UI. If you've checked our forums recently you will know that I am hard at work building the game's levels. In this article I want to tell you about some UX related changes that I have made to the flow of the game. Keep reading for more!

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