This is but the first in a new type of post I will be making on our Dev-Blog. I'll talk about particular games and what makes them interesting from a game design perspective. I wanted to start with my all time favorite game Final Fantasy VI. It all starts below the break.

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The Story is not the whole story! I'm serious.

One of the first things you learn in game design is that every game has a narrative. Pacman is about some weird hungry creature and his survival in a haunted world. Tic-tac-toe is a battle between two powers, and the narritive for hangman is in the name.

People perceive things in situations and stories. When they describe their experience with your game they'll tell a story of what happened when they were playing last night. Telling and hearing stories is something we are wired for.

In games story is almost perceived as a separate part of the game. A game often has story segments where players just watch. People enjoy the game-play but don't like or want the story. I want to talk about the story that happens outside of the obvious cut-scenes.

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