A while back we ran a test of the alpha build. We asked 20 people unfamiliar with the game to give it a try, I personally instructed each person on how to play, and then watched and recorded as they played a 3 minute match. I want to share some of the more interesting results with you! ...continue reading Some fun test results!



ToT is constantly evolving! In October I wrote about some improvements to the UI. If you've checked our forums recently you will know that I am hard at work building the game's levels. In this article I want to tell you about some UX related changes that I have made to the flow of the game. Keep reading for more!

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Some of you may remember that a few months back we began revising the UI for the battles in Tyrant of Terror. We took it from something that was just thrown together to something laid out pretty intelligently. I finally got around to giving the UI the attention it needed to be really awesome. Read on to see some sweet interface action.

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