ToT’s UI is nearly finished!


Some of you may remember that a few months back we began revising the UI for the battles in Tyrant of Terror. We took it from something that was just thrown together to something laid out pretty intelligently. I finally got around to giving the UI the attention it needed to be really awesome. Read on to see some sweet interface action.

Are you ready? Here it comes.


I'm very happy with how everything, I'm sure I will go over the actual art of it once or twice just to make it nice and detailed, but in essence, this is done.

I call the whole panel on the left the grimoire. It contains 3 separate pieces: The spirit counter, the player's hand, and the tyrany meter.

The spirit counter tells the player how much spirit they currently have. This is a currency that accumulates over time, It functions similar to sun from Plants Vs Zombies.

The cards in the player's hand have been with us from the start of ToT's development. On them is the Spirit cost and some icons that indicate different properties of the card. When you place your mouse over a card it comes to life with color as illustrated in the animation below.


Next you have the tyranny meter. This fills up over time and when it's all filled up you will be able to use a special attack where you can summon the Tyrant to do a bunch of flaming whip attacks and scare off enemies with his maniacal evil laugh. When the meter is full it will light up and the player will hear a monstrous roar to alert them.  This is again illustrated below.


You have the collapsible mini-map which shows the player icons of doors that are still holding, and the place where they must defend at all costs. The mini-map is the thing here that's subject to the most change in the future.

And finally you have a menu button. Later this will bring up a menu.

You may have noticed that I removed keyboard shortcuts for now. I'm going to make visible keyboard shortcuts an option that is off by default. They are rather easy to remember and I don't think we need them cluttering the screen all the time.


Ok that's it for now. If you enjoyed this I encourage you to follow me on the twitter so you can catch all the posts about Tyrant of Terror and any other games we end up working on.





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